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I'm a gross meme lover so if you're okay with that then that's cool.

This is mostly marvel so good luck.

Just been asked in an interview whether I was worried about playing “two gay characters???” “Why???”…”Because you run the danger of those characters being the same….”…”Cause of their sexuality?”…..”Yes”…..”They’re both white, should I be worried about that too?”….”Of course not”….”Like somehow homosexuality makes all gay people identical.. Like somehow being gay IS the character” Let me tell you, Sexuality doesn’t define you. What makes you get out of bed in the morning defines you. That’s character. What he’s talking about is homophobia… that’s says more about his character than it does the ones I portrayed. Needless to say the interview ended. Popcorn journalism. Marks out of ten??? Just the 1…

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Jim Moriarty at least once

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without background music. - a lot of people asked me if I could post the scene. So, here it is.

please, don’t take it and repost it/use it in fan videos/or upload it on YT without my permission. Removing the BG music takes a lot of time and effort. So be fair. Thank you.

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